Spain & International coordination


Customized projects

In case of international mandates, both the cause for review and the reporting structure may differ from the traditional national standards. As a consequence of financial interests and need for status reports, mandatory audits, due diligences and limited reviews are increasingly required.

This is, par excellence, the added value of Euro Economics. Euro Economics has the knowledge and experience to carry out special mandates under (more) difficult circumstances.

A recurring example are audits where tensions exist between the Spanish management and the foreign holding. It is desirable that the audit helps reducing these tensions, and not increase them.

The purpose of every “customized project” of Euro Economics is to deliver quality and good results under all circumstances.

Work method

Team & Focus

Euro Economics appoints for every project a specialised team, a contact person and an end- responsible senior auditor (chartered accountant).

In all our activities the quality and independence of the rendering of services are first.

The consequent focus on the combination of a specialised internationally composed team and absolute quality and independence make of Euro Economics the indicated Audit Partner in Spain.


Euro Economics has as starting point not only for the client but mainly with the client – generally being the foreign/Dutch audit firm – strive for the desired optimal result.

A good structured cooperation and open communication lead to a more flexible, faster and cost saving procedure with qualitatively better results (in terms of deadlines, reports and follow up of questions).

This indeed with full preservation of independence.